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Homeschool Louisiana


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Homeschool Louisiana is a 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry organization that seeks to serve all homeschool families and is comprised of local homeschool support groups from around the state and individual families members. Of these local support groups, each family becomes a member of Homeschool Louisiana. This gives Homeschool Louisiana an effective membership of hundreds of families without competing with local support groups for memberships. The unique relationship Homeschool Louisiana has with local support groups offers each homeschool family the comprehensive, unified, and affordable support it needs at the local and state levels.

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Homeschool Louisiana


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How Do I Start Homeschooling?

Home schooling can be a great way to educate your child, foster a strong and cohesive family life, and help you keep a firm grip on the influences that surround your children. Since 1982, Homeschool Louisiana has been advocating for home schoolers, and we are here to help and support you as you begin this journey.

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Homeschool Louisiana


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